Mtakufa Njaa ! Willy Paul "Warns" Fellow Artists

..Starting this month, all our local artistes will be earning a total of Ksh. 200 million per month that will be paid to musicians through the system and other platforms that we have developed. This shall translate this year to over Ksh.2 billion going into the pockets of our young artistes and young Kenyans. These payments will begin this week,””
Addresing the nation on Monday, April 6, The President of Kenya directed the ministry of sports,culture and heritage to avail an amount of Ksh100 million to help local artist deal with the effects of coronavirus- answering a prayer to one concerned controversial musician,Willy Paul.
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Initially,here is what Willy Paul Said in his letter to the President.[ Via Instagram].
"Dear Mr President, my president...most of us depend on shows, gigs n e.t.c as we all know that our board of music has been having issues with the artists. They’ve been stealing from us.. from ringback tones to every other thing.. most of us depend on music for everything Mr President. We have families that look up to us.. right now we’re all home, not making any money...Dear Mr President, I’m just speaking from a musical perspective, if an established musician can feel the pinch like me, what about the uprising who only makes 5000 shillings per gig and they still have to pay rent and feed their families? What about the common #mwananchi who’s only hope is on mjengo, juakali, watchmen, mama mboga???....Part of the statement read

Taking to his Instagram handle for the second time, Willy Paul sent a strong message to fellow artists,including;-actors,presenters,comedians producers and DJs warning them "to speak up".The money called for by the President is meant to Support and help artist continue with there work, pointing out Entertainment is what most kenyans need.

However,the singer has raised concerns following the distributions of the said amount.Hinting the money might not reach everyone effectively and this might be caused by few hungry individuals or due to corrupt agencies responsible for the destributions.
"They should know that we have eyes on them"
He also added,urged artists to remain united,Warning that if they don't speak out,they will starve to.

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