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Citizen TV Rashid Abdalla's Heartfelt Message on his Mother's Birthday

It's Her Birthday: Rashid Abdalla pins Emotional Message to his Mother on her Birthday
"#sisemikitu today it's your birthday"..
 TV host and a corporate MC Rashid abdalla today was celebrating his just recovered mother's birthday and netizens were carried away and couldn't feel calm but to join him, filling the comment section with warm birthday Wishes.

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Just to take you back a little bit, Early November, last year Rashid abdalla was in deep grief following his mother's illness, but now we can confirm she's recovering and we can thank Allah for this. What caught many's emotion today was Rashid's Shared.  Sharing a photo on his Instagram page.Here is how the message read:
Happy Birthday Mama Rashid Abdall
TV Host Rashid Abdalla's message to the mother as she celebrates her Birthday.
Truly a mother is an important pillar in life, It is wise to appreciate,understand, care and tolerate her, because as a human being has his own good and shortages too. Best wishes on your birthday mom,my safety, my comfort and happiness. Happy birthday dear mother, NB. Through your upbringing, I have blessed friends who are brothers and fans, God bless you all as he continues to bless and give you good health.
The Swahili kamusi,as they call him didn't slide but to take the opportunity and dedicated his mother's birthday to every single great woman in the world.Not forgetting to mention every person whom it is their mothers Birthday but couldn't get to celebrate it with them.
.... today if it's your birthday I take this opportunity to thank you and wish you all the best women in the world. Second i pray for mercy to anyone who lost her mother...
Rashid abdalla is married to Lulu Hassan,TV News Anchor, and they share three beautiful childre, two boys and a baby girl. The Duo are a power Couple envied by many,good at living and maintaining a private life.
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few months ago the co-host was seen celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in a lavish invites-only Ceremony.
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