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Magix Enga's dramatic video release

Kenya's beat maker and Music producer Magix Enga last night released a video on his Instagram account  which looked as if he had died.
Magix Enga
The drama unveils just hours after he had been arrested by the police , Magix Enga, was arrested on Sunday night due to copyright claims.      
 In a video, Magix is heard asking the officers why they are arresting him and when he  had already uploaded  Harmonize's  song by the dubed “Uno” which he claims it had been copywrited from his Dundaing hit song featuring King Kaka and Kristoff.

He wa arrested alongside Maurice, a Kenyan based music promoter.
After the release if the video,

Kenyans have showed no interest in the video some warning him that he had gone too far faking his death.
After the video went viral, other videos emerged where Magix Enga is seen in a video shoot, which angered Kenyans more and more this is because he is among the  best beatmakers and also artists known for his good music beats.
The clips which ended up being part of his new song, Sample.

Click here to check the song on Youtube
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