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PHOTOS: Daring beauty behind "Bedsitters Chronicles",meet Aicy Stevens | Latest Updates

Bedsitter Chronicles Actress Aicy Steven | All Photos Courtesy:Instagram 
Less than 10 Years ago, YouTube Vines was barely a word much less a profession.However, Aicy Stevens is one of millennial beauties changing this narrative in Kenya.
Kenya Top Vloggers: Aicy Stevens with Henry Desagu -Bedsitters Chronicles 
YouTube has become one of the most comfortable platforms for Kenyans who wish to showcase their prowess in creating great contents.Like More often,even without securing a session at an established TV station more Creative contents are still reaching the target audience...Like who still sits around to watch Television?..Yes! Only few people.Thanks to the Interweb

With much having been said,Sassy Aicy Stevens-a vlogger,prowess has managed to catch our attention.Bringing this topic to the table.
It's not all about her Incredible acting skills,but her exemplary sense of style which she seems to pull effortlessly.To anyone following up the programme "Bedsitters Chronicles" will agree with me when i say;
Vlogger: Bedsitter Chronicles dashing Photos 
Aicy stevens sense of fashion and beauty magus always hits the nail on the head
Without consuming much of your time,let me show you what brought us here...Here are some of her stunning photos depicting her beauty

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