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How Kenyan Artist "King Kaka" is using his Star-Power to impact Young talents in Eldoret :The Royalty Festival 2019 Campaign

Poster:The Royalty Fest 2019 -Eldoret edition
It has been a blessing for Eldoret town-The home of chanpions to have hosted Kenya's most renowned hiphop artiste, King Kaka.
The powerhouse Rapper and an Entrepreneur,in the past few weeks spent most of his time empowering and inspiring youths on self employment and how 'to make a living' from one's talent from one part of the town to the other,in Eldoret.
Talents Seach" Judges at the Social Hall Eldoret

The 'Ackwoledge' hit maker,through campus tours,moving across the town, in and out of colleges and universities is source of inspiration to a hudred of thousands of youths at the edge of giving up their talents.

The king ,personally took  his time to visit major campuses across the town.i.e the Moi University-both the main and the west campus.Not forgeting to mention some of the colleges like the Cambridge college, African Institude and the Eldoret National Polytechnic... among many others.

His one month tour in Eldoret also did feature a talents search which attracted hundreds of young talents.King Kaka was one of the judges.Sitting beside him was Verol Kosgei,Nedo and his Manager Dennis .The event took place at the County's Social Hall from 8am till evening. .It was hosted by MC Nick The Trend-one of the most versatile MC Eldoret can offer.

Selected participants are staged to perform at the Royalty Festival.

The Royalty Festival Main event will take place towards the end of this month,on 30th November at the Eldoret Sports Club.. bringing to an end "The Royalty 2 Fest 2019" campaign in Eldoret .

The Festival will feature a number of artists,both established and upcoming.These artistes will includes; King Kaka , Kaka Empire's Femi One, Jua Kali, Bahati, Jadi, Mbithi, the Kansoul, Kristoff,Undersqo, Samkistar, Sweetstar, Kapkoma Lady and Owago.

Royalty Festival will be hyped by MC Nick.Music blends from Kaka Empire's Dj JR ,Will The Dj and Dj Leqs.
Tickets are going for Ksh.7,000 for VVIP,..Ksh.2,000 for VIP ...and Ksh.200 for the regular tickets.

To get the tickets, simply dial *483*9*8# for the early bird tickets.The event will be hosted by Eldoret's Big Afrique 
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