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New Song Alert! "WAKIRITHO" Octopizzo ft Sailors Gang [Download MP3] Audio-first Collabo in 2Yrs |

Is Rapper Octopizzo going Against his self proclaimed Culture?..Definitely,Yes.
Rapper Octopizzo Announces New song 'Wakiritho'ft The Sailors Gang
The Rapper after Two-Years long wait without a Collabo today took it to his social media to announce a New Song 'Wakiritho' featuring the Sailors Gang..Amazing!

Undeniable,the Sailors gang has shown tremendous progress in their music Career.They are among the most talked about 'Gengetone' Music groups in Kenya.
No wander Octopizzo agreed to their collabo.
Their rise to stardom-not an easy journey for them,finally bored some fruits.Seeing them in this 'Wakiritho' collabo is like a dream come true.


Unfortunately,according to the Outspoken Rapper Octopizzo,in 2017 made a shocking revelation where he explained why he rearlly does collabos with fellow established musicians..and here is what he did say;

I don’t do collabos for the love, for the culture or for the game. I am in business, pure business. But it depends. Most upcoming artistes that I have worked with have never paid me because I liked their energy and hunger. But when I’m charging, it’s $2,000 (200,000).” 
Surprisingly, with the sailors Gang,things on the ground seems to be different

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