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Ethic's New Song "Tarimbo" banned by KFCB's Boss Ezekiel Mutua

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua , in a Facebook post wants Ethic's new song titled  'Tarimbo'  pulled down by Google this alongside Timmy TDat's Vitamin U from Youtube .
He  stated that the reason for ban of the song is that the concept of the song violated women's rights by advocating for violence  like rape. Mr.Mutua also ordered for their arrest by the DCI for going against Article 33 of the law.
This not being this not being the first song Ezekiel Mutua has banned, in the recent past he banned 'Wamlambez' by Sailors Gang for the same reasons.

In another post on Facebook he posted confirming that Google had successfully removed the song and it was not viewable for users with restricted mode on Youtube to avoid the widespread of the song to younger viewers on Youtube. He also urged responsible  adults and parents to support campaigns against childeren getting exposed to harmful contents by turning on the restricted mode on their Youtube accounts.

He also advised artistes that contents dont have to be dirty to sell and that they could be creative without violating with the laws set by the KFCB and their Programming Code. He ended by stating that his Board will support artistes who are willing to create meaningful content and deal with those who break the law firmly.
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