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Enter this Challenge to WIN Ksh5000 -#TheMcBlazeDance Challenge. Easy and Simple.

#IsupportEldoretContents #McBlazeDanceChallenge
Mc Blaze 'Omboto' Dance Challenge
At eldoretplus as you all know, we put so much efforts on promoting our Local Contents.Now that we have mentioned 'contents',Today we plan to connect musicians with Dancers.Giving everyone a bigger,better,more visible platforms to express their arts.After all,
Creativity is only powerful when it's shared with others

About the song; 'Omboto'
'Omboto' is a Trending Gospel song by Eldoret's sensation Mc Blaze.The name 'Omboto' means parasite-representing impropriety behaviors seen in  churches today.These misdemeanour includes; Using of phones during services,inappropriate dressing and so much more...

Grand Prize:
The winner to this Challenge will not only be featured to our Trending blog-eldoretplus,but also will walk away with Ks5000 among other goodies..

How to Enter the #McBlazeDanceChallenge:
  • Watch the 'Omboto' Video below..
  1. Learn the smart moves,or be creative-include your own moves.
  2. Download the song 'Omboto' or request it from us via whatsàpp
  3. Film a 60 second video dancing to the song
  4. Send your video to our WhatsApp No. 0714447687 or click HERE
  5. Sent videos will be moderated,just to make sure you followed the steps above,before being posted to our instagram page @eldoretplusTv
  6. The video with most engagement  (views and Comments) gets to WIN.

  • Terms and conditions applies

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