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Whatsapp Updates: How to Activate Dark Mode ,Splash Messages and so much more | eldoretplusTv

Whatsapp New features aims at protecting individuals against spammers,increasing users privacy in the process
New Whatsapp Updates Includes: splash Messages,Hide Muted Status,Group privacy,Dark Mode and Self-destructive messages

The new updates will work as an upgraded layer of privacy over existing features.The new upgrades-you should definitely try them out,Includes: splash Messages,Hide Muted Status,Group privacy,Dark Mode and Self-destructive messages.Some of these features are currently available for beta users.For those still unaware,here are some of the top New Whatspp features you may Have Missed.

The Dark Mode:
As the name suggests it all,the dark mode basically changes the usual whatsapp theme colour from green and white to Dark.However,This cool feature is only available for ios and beta version users.Not officially Launched,but the good news is that if you want to enable the dark mode on your Android(beta) or IOS device,You can.Here is how to Enable the 'Dark Mode' Step by step

Splash Messages:
This new feature,unfortunately not as cool as the Dark Mode theme,is basically  a  new start up screen display that will appear whenever you launch your Whatsapp App.It will appear Dark or light depending with the theme mode.In simpler words,WhatsApp is testing a new launch screen.The 'Splash Mezsages' is already Available for Beta versions.

Self-Destructing Messages:
This feature, similar to snapchat messages would enable the charts in whatsapp to automatically disappear.Yes,i just said that.But how?With this feature enabled,your chart or messages will disappear as soon as it was read or in a period of set time.However in group charts,one can mark the message as "disappeared" once the feature is much available to everyone.

Group privacy
Amazingly,this new feature prevents 'just anyone' from adding you to a group.This will increase your privacy while protecting you from malicious links and spammers.With this feature you can choose either to allow 'everyone','My contacts' or ' Nobody' to add you to groups.

Hide Muted status;
The hide Mutes Status update feature brings the ability to completely vanish all traces of muted status updates from the WhatsApp status section which previously appeared below the app,just after the 'Seen' statuses.

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