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Aisha Jumwa PHOTOS 'without Make-Up' Excites Kenyans | PHOTOS

'Vitu ni Different kwa Ground" 
 Aisha Jumwa PHOTOS 'without Make-Up' Excites Kenyans:PHOTOS
It is not all about Aisha Jumwa,Most Ladies finds it Difficult to servive without Make-Up,They will never make an attempt to step out of their houses without putting on a Layer on layer Make-up-they will confuse us

Honestly speaking,i hate Make-up Artists.I must agree that 'Make-up Artistry' Skills are exemplary,but many of us men fall victims to this evil magic called make-up.What we sign up for is not what we get.Yesterday,Malindi Member of Parliament,Aisha Jumwa Court session ignited mixed reaction after she showed up without Make up- Exciting Kenyans

  • Why are people shaming this woman...Juu ya makeup ati!!!!Women women women...Wait until something bad happens to you do utajua vitu zako kwa ground ni different...(God forbid)..Anonymous comment :Source | Facebook

At the Court things seemed to be different.
Malindi's Member of Parliament was arrested in a company of four others after chaos broke up at Gunda Ward ODM Candidate Ruben Katana Home,leaving one person Dead-Shot.
Malindi MP ,Aisha Jumwa 'Vitu ni Different kwa Ground" photos Collection
Police raided the MP's home on Wednesday at around 3am where she was arrested.Here is what she had to say in her defence through one of the media houses  ,before her arrest.
Member of Parliament,Aisha Juma In Court
"The Campaigns ended on Monday at 6pm as per the law and once i received reports that ODM  candidates were holding an illegal meeting,i decided to go and protest why police were not doing their duty" Via The Standard Digital.

After pleading with the court,She was released alongside her co-accused on Thursday Morning on a cash bail of Ksh500,000.This is after spending a cold night at the Police Station.
The bail,however didn't pay off 'critics' aimed at her by the Netizens.Igniting 'Vitu ni different kwa Ground phrase'

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