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VIDEO: SGR 'Revellers' CAUGHT on Camera Thrusting and Grinding in front of Passengers | REACTIONS

This has been the trend: A Group of Passengers Boarding the SGR Train caught on Camera Getting up close while Thrusting on each other.Exposing More stories on what goes on at the Economy Class.

As this calls for attention,videos are making rounds on the Internet exposing a group of 'raved-up' Passengers getting naughty,twerking while thrusting inside a public train-The SGR.
 Do we think about the kids in the sgr.its not wrong to portray sexuality, however, its prudent to exercise sobriety in certain circumstances ..deelan_njiru

The Ladies,one seen wearing a red dress while the other one is rocking a tight floral dress, could be seen in the video getting all inappropriate with their male companions who seem to be enjoying.
As much as it's a free world,a section of public who viewed the video felt like having fun is not wrong,but at list they should have waited until they reach home or a club-being a friday.
Unfortunately, the left out section felt like the person who took the video should have just 'Minded her own business'.
Here are sampled comments:
  • hair_whisp Seriously the guys are person who took the video ana shida mdaku mkubwa... they dint have sex there and yet you call it sodom and Gomorrah i was waiting to see sex but nooooo ..just people enjoying their freedom....
  • Shiku :My take on this......I once travelled and sat a table behind a bunch of drunk students who misbehaved throughout the journey attempts to shut them down was not successful I think something needs to be done....moral uprightness needs to be observed in such public places...aloud music, vulgar language, drunkenness should stop.
  • winniejoefred: As much as its a free world, ithink people shld also respect the fact that there are other people around,Parents or even kids. If u cant do this infront of your family members when having a family gathering then wait till you're in a club or Smwea private n do all your shit.... You never know who is watching...

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