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STAREHE GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL: Mysterious 'Disease Out Brake' Leaves 52 Students in Isolated amid kCSE Examination

Students of Starehe Girls High School
Kenya's top cream girl 'Starehe Girls High school' is making headlines Today after a serious-contageous disease was reported at the school .

52 Students are said to have been isolated.This move was to prevent the disease from spreading to other schoolmates.

In a report  sent to media rooms in Kenya,the school is said to have been closed leaving only the form four class who are currently preparing for their KCSE exams,
Starehe Girls' statement sent to Media Houses

The  Health Ministry, Education ministry, department of Intrgreated Disease Surveilance Response (IDSR)together with the school's Board of Management in a coconclusive decision were left with no other choice but to close the school,sending a number of 52 Students Home.

The girl students will resume their normal classes on date 8th of October

The disease is characterised by a loud  cough, continued sneeze and mild  fever.The diaease is only said to be a "type of fever" but it is not yet known.

The Health Ministry at the sub-county level are working closely with the Alumnees of the school(doctors) .The results are expected to be released on Saturday.
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