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So Sad! Likoni Ferry Tragedy victims 'Adorably' Life Moments before the tragedy | PHOTOS

Photos|Courtesy :Likoni Ferry Tragedy Victims life moments before the saddening tragedy
May their souls Rest in Peace: Photos shared online Dipicts how the Likoni ferry tragedy  Victims,Mariam kaghenda and her daughter Amanda were so full of life before the ill fated tragedy

While Rescue efforts to recover the remains of a mother and her daughter at the Likoni harbour soaring futile results,Kenyans are Pointing fingers at the Government,This is after reports indicated that the nearby Kenya Navy officers took long to arrive at the scene of the accident.The car is said to have rolled off the ferry while the lady was trying to reverse it.
Mariam Kaghendi with her Husband and Childrens | Photos : Courtesy 
But still yet,the woman,Mariam Kaghendi,35 and her daughter's Amanda body are yet to be found . Kenyans had a high hope on Swedish Seuba Diver Besson who volunteered to help .Unfortunately,he failed due to Zero Visibility  in the water,making the operation daunting.
Mariam Kigenda graduated 'just a week’  before this tragedy occured.
Family and friends came out in huge to support the victim's Husband,John Wamtua.The two couples were blessed with two children- Alvin and now in a saddening occasion,late Amanda.May their Souls Rest In Peace

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