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How To Enable "DARK MODE"in WhatsApp Messanger

Read more about the "Dark Mode" among other amazing features as seen in the Previours Article.
How to Activate Dark Mode in WhatsApp 
As mentioned Earlier,the New updates will work as an upgraded layer of privacy over existing features.The new upgrades-you should definitely try them out,Includes: splash Messages,Hide Muted Status,Group privacy,Dark Mode and Self-destructive messages.Here We are going to show you How to Enable The Dark mode...Step by Step:

Step 1: Go to settings> Display>Select Theme>Dark

Step 2: Go to Phone settings>Scroll down to 'About phone' >click to open

Step 3:Scroll down to "Build Number" and tap on it seven times to open the 'developers option'

Step 4: Tap on Override 'Force-dark' so that you can apply the theme to other apps.

Step 5: Go back to whatsapp> settings> Wallpapers> Click 'None' options..And you're good to go.

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