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PRIDE or PRUDENCE! Rap-king BlastaBoss 'HALTS performances at major Events.Here is why?

Mkwanja, chapaa, Mulla, Dollare,munde, it all.BlastaBoss move termed as 'pride' after failing to perform at a major event.
Photos | courtesy: Eldoret Rapper BlastaBoss
“THE BOSS” as his name suggests and referred to as by his fans and peers,is arguably the most versatile and the best contemporary act in the larger Rift.It is only a matter of time before he fulfills his full potential as his future is looking bright.Blastaboss,a name not new to Eldoret revellers is currently trending for the wrong side after he skipped several performances at major events in town in the recent months.Bringing this to our attention.
He recently released a song dubbed ‘DOSE’,one of his greates hits.Produced by Beat king Magix Enga
That aside,the Bosses management,through the urbanites Kenya blog confirmed that they were forced to cancel all major events because the people incharge didn’t meet their requirements...what requirements?
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Today the artist raised an argument concerning the local artists,suggesting that Artists should be paid no matter what,before they can perform.He believes that artists invest a lot of time and money to create and produce their music content and that they should not be exploited at any way."let’s appreciate efforts" lesh bosses ,the management added.

Obviously,the event organizers were not happy,terming him proud.In his case,this is not true.Concerning  this,here is what his Manager Had to say;
 “you cant turn a blind eye at Blastaboss for his good gestures to the E-town Entertainment scene where everyone who tried to bring an impact failed miserably,while those who had a small opening ran for greener pastures elsewhere.Truth be told,Eldoret town has been known to have only Gospel artists who made it in the last decade and we want to change this narrative.."
Photos | NTV Kenya:BlastaBoss during an interview on kenya's leading Station,NTV  
Evidently,the singer's efforts to bring attention to the town is visible. He has appeared on major interviews on all major radio stations and TV in Kenya.Not forgetting to mention the Major clubs,while performing at events organized by Dj’s ,Mc’s and fellow artists.
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To add on his endless archives,The rapper has gone ahead to inspire upcoming crop of artists not only through advice, but also by showing them how to level up and how to compete without  moving out of town.

He’s a hardworking individual, maybe a trait that he picked from his mother who raised a family of seven-single handed.This is after His father passed on in the early 90’s. Blasta is a family man living with his wife and son and he’s also an entrepreneur.In a single year alone,the rapper has managed to release a massive ov eight songs and Six up-to-grade videos that surpass international video broadcasting quality.
'Dose' Video Shoot
 The loctacian (by profession)also did an international Collabo where he featured top artists,both international from four different nations-Nigeria,Kenya,Zimbabwe and South Africain a massive banger dubbed “shakuzonto”-All on YouTube-more reasons to appreciate his efforts.

Here is a list of songs by Blastaboss,starting with his first projects; ‘I am set loose’,‘put a ring on it’,‘Watahalla’ (my favourite)‘Wasi wasi’,‘corruption’ and finally 'Dose',his latest song.He's a go getter,currently working on a couple of collaborations with both international and local artists.His first  Album Launch “IAM SET LOSE" expected to drop anytime soon.

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