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PES 2020 :Graphics ,Schedule 'Dates',Game features to watch out for

Key changes include a remastered Version of Master Leagues,A brand New Mode Called Matchday, a completely overhauled Visual Identity for In-game Menu..Amazing!
Konami are taking full advantage of having the EURO 2020 Exclusive license.Dividing this into two Match days Side: Home and away .Having said much,this year's Cover will have FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi as the Global Cover star with Brazilian Icon Ronaldinho star covers Legends Edition.

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This is after taking fans feedback into Consideration,PES 2020 will bring several Impactful changes revolutionised into bringing instills in every moment of play with a sense of complete freedom and Controls.With so much having been said already,lets jump into the Release Dates..

PES 2020 Scheduled Release Date:
Although the game is completed,PES 2020 will be launched on September 10th with its first schedule maintenance dated for 12th September.Conclusively,the latest player rosters will only be available once September 12th Live updates is implemented.

Amazing Graphics Updates:
PES 2020 graphics updates features animation sets that allow players to move in unparalleled technical flair and fluid with showboat first-touch techniques such as chest and Back controls to help beat Defenders..

This doesn't just end here!
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