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The 'Royalty 2' Fest: The King Kaka to 'Launch a Campaign' in Eldoret in a bid to Inspire Local Talents

PHOTOS|Courtesy:Kaka Empire CEO and Founder,Musician King Kaka
The festival themed 'No matter Where You are From'.The Campaign is aimed at inspiring,Identifying and Mentoring the local talents.

Events Background :The 'Eastlando Royalty Album'
The King Kaka is a well decorated Kenya artist whose story is an inspiration to Hundreds of thousands of youths,both in Kenya and across the globe,with unmatched influence.
The Rapper and an entrepreneur released his Fifth Album-the 'Eastlando Royalty' on 30th of November last Year.The Album,as the name reveals it all was an inspiration from his hood in Eastlando.It contains 18 songs,which featured different international artists in different tracks.The likes of Tracy Morgan and Jamaican sensation Romain Virgo.

The Album was officially Launched at Uhuru Garden.The ‘king’ took to the stage at 1am and delivered a two-hour performance with three sets in between the show-While the message still remains the same .
“Eastlando Royalty is a state of mind and anyone can achieve anything they want to achieve. This album is to encourage young people out there that they can be anything they want and I am a living example"

About the 'Royalty 2' Campaign
The founder and CEO of Kaka Empire will bring the thrill to the Source of Champions.The Royalty 2 basically aims at identifying different talents across the town,Eldoret.He will provide mentorship programs across major campuses through Talents Workshops,Sessions and boot camps.He will also ran a four day roadshow across major Estates in Eldoret.

The 'swahili Shakespeare' will use his 'Eastlando' story to encourage the world not to give up.He is a living testimony that 'everyone can actually archive whatever he or she have always wanted to be'.The aim of this years Festival is to inspire the young talents to use their talents fully without the fear of where you are from.

10 selected successful participants will undergo a one week talent workshop where they will discuss ways and avenues they can use to earn from their various  talents.Their will be real time recording sessions from Kaka Empire Studios.

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