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Jacque Maribe's son "Zahari" Controversial Life Moments Amid Father's-Eric Omondi Shocking Announcement,-eldoretplus

In Photos: Jacque Maribe,Zahari and Eric Omondi| INSTAGRAM
Kenyans Shocked as Jacque Maribe reveals her son's Biological Father-giving us an opportunity to dig further into their lifes story.
Following Maribe's post on her Instagram handle,which of course attracted mixed reactions from followers and fans,the former news anchor officially her baby daddy.First it felt like a joke.To be honest,nothing about Eric Omondi can be taken serious.

Unfortunately,this was further reaffirmed by Maribe's closest friend-an alleged lover and father to Zahari,after he officially took it to his social media to congratulate the too with an emotional message that read;
  • Congratulations the Omondi's...Zahari's Graduation is a great statement of your solid guidance ..May Your bond last for an eternity and more-To both of you my friends.God's blessing. ...
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For a long time their relation remained as rumour that neither the two nor Itumbi have ever talked about-putting to rest speculation that have long been going around.It took her more than 5 years to come out clean.Lets say this was a well-garded secrets.Let me take you back a bit...just to refresh your memory.

2014; Jacque Maribe's Pregnancy
Men In Question over Jacque Maribe's pregnancy -in 2014.From Left,Dennis Itumbi,Joseph Irugu ,Eric Omondi
When her pregnancy hit the limelights,it was unclear weather Dennis Itumbi,Irungu nor Eric Omondi was the Biological Father.This left many guessing with Comedian Eric Omond topping the list as the quick answer to who was the man resposible for her pregnancy. Reportedly,the comic  had a thing with the News anchor before rumours settled on state house Digital Director Dennis Itumbi,as the man behind her bulging belly.Early last year...
Jacque Maribe with Son,Zahari
The President of Comedy in Africa,Eric Omondi deliberately shared her son photo who was seen holding her mother's photo hanged on the wall.The photo was posted without  a caption,fueling more rumours about the father.

As this was happening,Maribe was spending cold nights at the Lang'ta Womens Prison over murder Charges.Joining the dots,everyone felt like Omondi was sending a message to her 'baby mama' ,who was then going through a lot.Not only from the Media,but also the Authorities.

A section of Kenyans still feels like this is one but another prank pulled up by Eric Omondi.Well,lets give it time..
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