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AKOTHEE: if You want My 'NUDES' stop ZOOMING my Photos,Send me Your Number

We can't stop sending nudes...'Says Akothee
Following her recent post on Instagram,It's Evident that drooling Kenyan Men can't Keep off Akothee's Inbox-Many searching for her Nudes.
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PHOTOS| Courtesy:Why Singer Akothee wants to leak her NUDES
Controversial Kenya Singer Akothee,real names Esther Akoth just can't keep of the media.Today,the Artist  posted one of her sensuous photos with legs wide apart (as always),wearing nothing but a red one-piece Bikini which exposed everything-including her 'Ginene'.

Unfortunately,We were not allowed to zoom,
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The mother of Five is having a hiccup with men who always criticises her but will still go around searching for her nudes.Regretfully,Some goes as far as trying to zoom her photos online for a glimpse  ..'Like what are you looking for?' Slams Akothee
Photos | Courtesy:Singer Akothee yet again Threatens to link her nudes online.Demands phone numbers
This comes only few months after the singer lit-up the Internet in an ugly brawl with KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua over her inappropriate exposures.The Boss lashed out Akothee over what he described as 'filthy and 'stupid' stunts at an event whose photos went viral online,revealing the other side of the singer.

During an Interview at one of kenya's Leading Radio stations the singer told off critics ,saying she gets paid for what she does.Also..

While reacting to Naomi's photo shoots,Akothee did threaten to send her nudes online in two weeks time (from that specific date).She also went ahead to describe Kenyan's double Standard when it comes to their own Celebrities
Akothee reacts to Naomi campbell's Nude Photos
“If I do this kind of photo shoot, my passport will be marked red, never to step into Kenya land again, even with all the debts they have they will forget that and make this a topic, they will mistake that waist chain for rituals."
Adding to her sentiment on an online post,Akothee brought ladies to her attention,advising them ladies to send those nudes and not fear their 'Immature' boyfriend's threates-who always seems to feel like when they have their girlfriends nudes it's like they are holding the key to CBK (Kenya Central Bank)

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