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Willy Paul's 'BURE KABISA' New Song 'Music Video' Receive Backlash From Netizens | DOWNLOAD MP3

Undeniably,it is now evident that Willy Paul has shifted completely fron Gospel to Secular
PHOTOS|Instagram:WILL PAUL 'Bure Kabisa' Official Video Snippet
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After Releasing 'Lamba Nyonyo' and 'Chuchuma' songs all featuring too many nude scenes and stunts with sexy ladies twerking their hearts off,and then this- 'Bure Kabisa'..

Worse than the above mentioned songs,'Bure Kabisa' snippet posted by the Singer on his official page received countless  critics,as soon as it was posted.The new song is all about a jilted lover who pours out his sorrows after being played by the person they were dating.Listening to this reminds me about 'takataka'-unfortunately it was banned.
Now that i have mentioned 'banned',if the posted snippet is anything to go by,i bet KFCB Boss won't let it Stream in peace.

The video received a mixed reaction with a section feeling disappointed at willy Paul.The 'Mkunaji'',on the other hand is yet to confirm whether he has shifted completely to Secular,but unfortunately we won't need a rocket scientist to figure this out..All the Best Willy Paul.

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