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Official Video':'Nicki Minaj' comes out of RETIREMENT to release yet Another 'New Song',

Was she Retired,retiring or just tired?.. or better yet,Was her retirement plan a publicity stunt?
NICKI MINAJ 'FENDI' FT PND Rock and Morda Beats.
Three months ago Nicki Minaj took the media by surprise when she made a tweet announcing her Sudden retirement from Music.

She added that her decision was based on her idea of focusing on having a family with her lover kenneth petty.The two began dating in December last year and they have since reportedly obtained a marriage license.

Of course the News wasn't taken lightly,specifically by her die hard fans .Forcing the celebrity to drop another post apologising to her 'barbez' (fans)  for the abrupt and insensitive tweet.
In additional,just to make everything clear,Nicki was to discuss her retirement plans officially at one of the radio stations.The Queen Radio Station.

Now confused,Nicki hit her instagram recently to announce her new song 'FENDI'.Is the song part of her yet to be released Album? Unconfirmed.The song features PND Rock and Morda Beats.

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