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The Khali Cartel 3 explained | Official Video | Youtube | Download

This is for the lovers of Kenyan hiphop  scene.
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What everyone has been waiting for is finally dropping sooner than we had foreseen.In less than just a week,Mr.International,Khaligraph Jones is set to unleash his yearly Mixtape 'The Khali Cartel'.For those who dont know much about it,by the time your done reading this,all your questions would be answered.
The 'Khali Cartel 3' is a mixtape that  features Kenya's greatest(mostly underground),upcoming and already established artistes.
The mixtape Khali Cartel 1 was dropped in the year 2017 where The OG featured Petra, his brother Span KOB  and Donn J .Unlike his first mixtape Khali Cartel 1,Khali Cartel 2 ,which dropped last year featured more artistes;including Steph Kapela, Xtatic, Afrocentric's Katapilla, Twenny Eights and Timmy Blanco.The songs in this mixtape had more artistes,creating a diss between AD Family's, Boutross Nesh and Afrocentric's Katapilla Opar.
In the mixtape Katapilaa in his verse says

"Tumekuja kuzozana full force
Bidii hatulambi glucose
Pita mitaani uulize who's boss
Nina machungu na kina Boutross
Why you spoiling the rap ho'mes with all of your wack songs
Na ile mboggi yako flani ADF same style you rap clowns
Mi si barbie so nipate tu ghetto
Form zangu pia huwa mseto
Men, I'm a young blood real nigga lakini kwa hood "
This verse triggered the AD Family to do a freestyle called the 'Shrap Mafia' which was aimed as a diss at the Katapilla ,who on the run dissed Boutross and the AD Family(Barak Jacuzzi, Kay Green, Boutross, Jovvie Jovv, Dope I Mean among others) naming it Khali Cartel 2.1

Well this years Khali Cartel 3 is going to be more fascinating ,this is because Khaligraph on his  Instagram account posted his photo with Bey T statingbi,captioning it "Bey T brought that heat, Khali Cartel 3 loading next week we lightbit up cc"

Bey T is among other artistes featured on the track- a young and upcoming female hiphop Femcee, her breakthrough track "wololo" which is a hit happened to be beefing with Tanasha Donna, Diamonds girlfriend who also has a song with Barak Jacuzzi called 'Radio' .Bey T is accusing Tanasha of stealing her song among other allegations.
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Her getting featured on the track , despite us waiting for the mixtape  should we expect more disses arising? Well time will tell as we await.
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