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AIRADS,ICS : Colleges in Eldoret Offering Short Courses

As the saying goes, Education is the key, it is now clear to see that most of the High School graduates are seeking to widen their knowledge by joining colleges to enable them get certificates and learn skills which will enable them be employed or start their own businesses, well has dug through the short time courses offered at Eldoret's best colleges and below are some of them

Short courses offered at Institute of Certified Studies (ICS College)
  • Basic Counseling Skills and Process
  •  Basic Financial Accounting Skills 
  • Business Communication Skills
  •  Business Development and Management 
  • Career and Vocational Counseling 
  • Child and Adolescent Counseling 
  • Communication Skills Community Capacity
  •  Building and Participation Conflict 
  • Response and Management Skills 
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Criminology 
  • Customer Service Skills Disaster and Crisis Management Skills 
  • Drug and Substance Abuse/ Addiction 
  • Entrepreneurship Skills 
  • First Aid 
  • Front Office Operations Skills 
  • Gender Empowerment and Development 
  • HIV/AIDS Home Based Care
  • HIV/AIDS Management and Counseling
  • Human Resource Management Skills 
  • Human Sexuality and Sexual Abuse 
  • Humanitarian Management
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Life Skills 
  • Management Information System Skills 
  • Management Organization Skills 
  • NGO and CBO Management
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Skills Project Planning and Management Skills Proposal 
  • Development Writing Skill 
  • Psychological Debriefing and Trauma 
  • Public Relations Skills 
  • Report Writing and Presentation Skills 
  • Resource Mobilization and Fund Raising Skills 
  • Sales and Marketing Skills 
  • Social Marketing and Welfare Skills 
  • Social Research Methods and Skills 
  • Strategic Planning and Management 
  • Stress Management and Counseling Skills Supervisory Skills
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
ICS College Graduation ceremony
African Institute of Research and Development Studies(AIRADS)
1. Bakery Technology
2. Germany
3. French
4. Chinese
5. English
6. Event Management
7. Supervisory Management
8. Project Proposal
9. Academic writing
10. Financial planning
11. College management
12. Front office
13. Communication skills
14. Solar Technology
15. computer Networking
16. CCTV Installation
17. Sales and marketing
18. conflict management

Computer Packages
1. Introduction to computers
2. keyboarding
3. Microsoft Windows /operating system
4. Word processing using MS word
5. Spreadsheet using MS Excel
6. Database Management using MS Access
7. Digital Presentation using MS PowerPoint
8. Internet and Email
9. Introduction to graphic design (using Publisher and adobe PageMaker)
10. Social Media and Digital Skills
11. Software installation
12. Basic computer repair and maintenance
13. Formatting and printing skills
14. PC troubleshooting

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