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Pointless! MMU Student's Leaders Among Others Arrested while protesting.

Photo|Courtesy: Three MMU Students leader Arrested 
Multimedia University Student engages police in a cat and mouse battle after a fresha student was knocked down by a speeding-rogue Matatu.
This chaotic tyranny of matatu Sacco owners needs to stop. So many have lost lives/been injured by rogue drivers on Magadi road plying the 125 route.@Lamarre
Agitated University Students from Multimedia University took it to the streets this Monday morning to protest against reckless hit and run matatu driver .
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It is reported that a fresher was hit by a speeding matatu operating Magadi road plying the 125 route in a 'hit and run' incident,leaving the boy for death.

The first year student is currently receiving treatment at the Kenyatt National Hospital  (KNH) intensive care unit.However,The peaceful demonstration turned chaotic when three student leaders among others were arrested by the police,paralysing learning and business along the road.

The arrested student leaders are said to be:
  • Nimo Sheikh-Current KUSO chairperson 
  • Steve Ogola-Secrerery general 
  • MS Jilo-Academic Secretary

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