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People thought i was 'Jobless' Kamene Goro,Andrew Kibe first show at Kiss100 Fm :Photos

Former NRG radio duo presenters,Kamene and Kibe to embrace their first show "The morning kiss" at Kiss100 Fm.
Kiss 100 "Morning show " Crew: Andrew Kibe,Kamene Goro and Xtiandela : photos | courtesy
Your morning Kiss will never be the Same.Sensational Kamene Goro yet again Meets up with Andrew Kibe to bring you a sizzling hot morning show at Kiss100.This is their first day at their new work station but surprisingly already they are trending on Twitter at number one.Previously,their former  radio station,NRG radio issued them with a court order that prevented them from going on air until their issue was resolved to their satisfaction.What issue?
The two presenter reportedly left the NRG without due consent and legal proceedings as stipulated in their agreed contract...And NRG wasn't pleased,taking them to court in the process.

Contrary to their prompt exit from their former station NRG that raised a bucket-full of controversies,the duos,today received a warm reception from their loyal fans who felt like-It wasn't all about the station,but the vybe they shared with their fans.

  • @MikeMarshalke: Am I the only one who set alarm to wake up and listen to #KameneAndKibe ama tuko wengi? This must be the biggest breakfast show in East Africa
  • @Joymoh:#KameneAndKibe good to have you back guys. Kibe we feel your struggle trynna not call everyone ma'fuckers
  • @Moseax:Trust me sijawahi amka asubuhi to listen & tweet a show on Radio! But hii ya #KameneAndKibe the combination and Energy is on another Level
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