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From Grass! Meet Former "STREET KID" Amani,pushing for GOSPEL in Eldoret | Music

Loosing my mother at a tender age made my life even harder for me..."Amani.
He was a vulnerable street kid living off rubbish dumps while struggling to take care of his ailing Mother-trying to survive in one of the most dangerous places in kenya to be a child .
In his Heart-breaking tale,Michael Amani never lost hope.Now he is one of the most promising Gospel singers in Eldoret.Loosing his mother at a tender age made life even harder  for him..."street life took a different turn for me"He said.He was raised without a father,a place to call a home...nor an Education.
"I was raised by mum,the only family i ever knew.I have never met nor seen my father.My late mum was handicap and we survived through begging in the streets,in different towns.She died when i was only 12Years-Old..."
Photos:Courtesy | Mycal Amani: 'SAWA' hit Maker
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"I was forced to move to Likoni,Majengo Mapya in Mombasa,before settling in Kisumu ndogo,Langas here in Eldoret.This was in 2017."
Before we could Jump into the Interview ,Kindly Listen/Watch this Song.Click play! Give us your feedback

What do you do for a living?
Currently I'm a taxi Driver

What inspired you to be a gospel Musician?
Just to highlight this,I'm a born again christian.I felt like this was a calling.A calling of hope to those people going through the same things i went through while a was a kid.

How long have you been in the gospel industry?..and what are the challenges?
I released my first song 'Safari' in 2012.My biggest challenge  is a platform that i can use to express and inspire others,Media play in this case is a challenge.Music production is also expensive.

In the next few years,where do you see yourself? 
With  God's grace,Building a children home for the less fortunate street children is i would also love to see me,myself as a brand grow...reaching out for many. 

Your NEW Music,tell us about it?
my new song inatwa SAWA imekua out now like a month ago. ime paform poa sana.It is being played in Some of kenya's biggest stations and I'm so greatful.imenipa moyo na nguvu ya kusonga mbele.All thanks  to producer (s.m) from smrecods and Producer Sandeh,for the best Video. but for now I'm preparing to release a New song anytime soon.

Any final remarks?
Yes,Kindly support my Music.You can archive this by viewing it on YouTube...and don't forget to Share,Like and Comment

Contact Amani:
Instagram: Mycall Amani.
Facebook: Michael Amani
Phone No.+254 719 222440

Here are some of his videos:

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