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Haircuts,Shaving Beards: Three STRANGE things the BIBLE ban,but you will still do anyway | LEVITICUS

Among other strange things the bible prohibits but we've left out (unfortunately not in our todays topic),Includes;Football,pork and use of polyester
Haircuts,Shaving Beards: Three things the BIBLE ban but we still do
Yesterday while attending a church service in Eldoret i found myself in a discussion about tattoos,,my tattoo to be specific..If having a tattoo is biblically right..why is it prohibited..and finally,why does people get so zealous about them.Well,this conversation didn't end their.

The conversation took its natural turn to selective,self-serving interpretation of the Bible.This,in return, made me uncover some of the common but strange things we do and that they were ban in the Bible...From the Old to the New Testament.Here i have selected only three topics.Allow me to take you through them,one at a time.

1.People without testicle should never Pray.
Whether you lost one or two of it to cancer or even worse,castration .The Bible doesn't get that in specific-It just says you can't pray ..or enter the church...Read: Deutronomy 23:2

2.Pulling Out
The bible does not clearly indicate whether using a Condom or musterbation in this case is a taboo...Neither does it have much on birth control..but one of the famous oriented bible verse used as anti-masturbation rhetoric-is actually Pulling Out ; Read Genesis 38:9-10

3.Round Shaving | cutting the edges of your beards
Whether it is a mohawk,a low fade (very common),high top dreads (latest trend) or the butt cut (my favourite)..Hell is for you.On this,i won't say much but to redirect you to LEVITICUS 19:27
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