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Why LADIES strive "to Avoid" DATING these FOUR Type of Men in Eldoret | Relationship

The Debate about relationships and who not to Date is one that needs alot of confrontation.

Going through this Conversation with a group of Campus ladies, we were able to conclude that Deejays,Tattooist,Mortobyke riders ( Boda) and Makangas are the worst people to fall in love with-We had to exclude photographers for some reasons, Which we will be telling you 'why' on our next article.
  1. Boda Boda Riders 
This type of business is booming here in Eldoret,almost surpassing Matatus as a means  of transportation .Besides the basic services they render to people,Bodas are commonly famous when it comes to luring women and School girls.Who doesn't like a free-ride?Women believe these hardworking men are good performers,and they love them for this.The problem comes in when it comes to relationships.They are ranked as the best Cheats with an endless list of 'customers'.

  • The Makanga (tauts)
If you think the Bodas are the worse,then the tauts are a "no-go-zone".These sweet-boys have the worst reputations.If you have been to Mailinne utakubaliana na mimi! But unlike these popular notions, You can't date a makanga and still  have peace.If they can convince you to board their matatu,what makes you think they can't  find away to be on top of your custom  Ladie's Ma-tatu...

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  • Tattooist
I know you have come across ladies with tattoos,some drawn at unmentionable places.A tattooist understands your girlfriends' bodies more than you do,he touches more than you (her girlfriend) can offer.So tell me,How strong is your heart to date this type of guy?
  • Deejays
Unlike a tattooist,these guys are always at the centre of attraction at any given occasion.Then there is the 'Groupies,a group of misled ladies who always fall heels over them-whether drunk or  sober.If you don't believe me,try checking their contact list.You will be disappointed!

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