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'Adhis JoJo's' Comedy posses a threat to Eric Omondi's Churchil Show Legacy | Eldoret plus

The show has not only been a platform for the Sensation Comedian to continously Crack up kenyans but also a stepping stone for her self-discovery and tremendous growth.

  • Coming Soon!: 28th of September,2019 get ready for Churchil Show Live Edition in Eldoret.

PHOTOS | courtesy: Churchil Show Comedians,Eric Omondi and Adhis Jojo.INSERT:Churchil,Show Host
Former Eldoret based jonalism Student,Joan Adhiambo alias Adhis Jojo is the Newest face in Kenya Comedy.As she narrates it,the journey wasn't easy for her but it took her an aggressive persuasive self to appear on Churchil Show's Stage.She had to travel all the way everyday during auditions to Nairobi for the next three years before she was accepted - tiresome but it finally paid off.
The comedian is renowned for using luo-accent and their real life behavioral  experiences to express her jokes..and everyone fell in love with it.
Luckily for her,she received a warm reception from Churchill Show's  audience who expected nothing but humor-she delivered,making her the new household name in kenya.

Apparently,the lad turned out to be the next big-face of Comedy,not only at Churchill Show but also in kenya,something we all missed after Eric Omondi's abrupt exit from the show.

His egress opened up doors for other comedians,the likes of Mca Tricky,Prof Hammo, Naara and the likes to dominate the show.However,this didn't last long before Adhis Jojo grasped the opportunity from their jaws to appear as the new 'laugh' in town.

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