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Beauty Bully! The Real Househelp's Of Kawangware Actress AWITI Parades Her Curves in These photos and we can't Handle it-#TRHK

Popular  TRHK actress Awiti's gorgeous photos that will leave you ogling over her for moments.
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Photos : Courtesy | Beautiful Awiti from Househelps of Kawangwre
Winny Ruby alias Awiti is one of the most hilarious Tv personalities and an actress who's name is a household thing in Kenya.When it comes to her real life,people always confuses her to her character on Screens.Being one of my favourite TV shows,i couldn't contain myself but to highlight her noticeable beauty,curves that are enclosed inside her costumes.

The Real Househelps of Kawangwre is a Tv program commonly seen on NTV (every Wednesday)-previously it was aired on KTN.You can also watch each episodes on YouTube.
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Undoubtedly,You will agree with me when i say the actress is a beauty-but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder .However, whem scroling through her instagram feeds Comment section,i noticed a number of young enthusiastic Men all lined up to get a glimpse of her prestigious Curves.Some went as far as to her DM-she said.
Awiti with Njambi: Real Househelps of Kawangware
For some of us we couldn't help but to notice her gorgeous smile-far from what we see in her 'bully' Character on screens.Her bumpy hips flawlessly complemented her body giving it an adorable accomplishment.To be honest,the mother of one also has a taste for fashion.Her test mostly lies on skimpy dresses and skirts that will always ensure her thighs sticks  out.What a show-off.Shamefully,those thighs are my weakness.

However,Winny says her fans occasionally mistakes her character for herself,claims she refutes.We all love her.Now you have a reason to spend your entire afternoon,staring at your  screens for Awiti's sake.

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