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Avoiding FULIZA! Safaricom users 'Shuns' their Old SIMCARDS,Runs for NEW ones.

6 months later,after its inception,...Safaricom users had already borrowed Sh 81Billion from Fuliza...Source: The Standard.
Fuliza is not a loan service.This is a continuous overdraft service that allows you (the user) to complete M-Pesa transaction when you have insufficient funds Fuliza uses algorithms from M-pesa's transaction data to determine loan Limits for users . unfortunately,users cannot overdraw funds from their limited e-wallents.

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Undeniably,Fuliza users have discovered away of dodging unplanned deductions from their wallents-Understandably due to other more pressing matters.Forcing them to settle for NEW Simcards.Considerably ,The new purchases has increased the company's Simcards sales.
  • Fuiza haijui pesa ya matanga!.
It is worth noting that Fuliza regulates deposited funds as soon as they touch your e_wallets.Despite its shortcomings, Fuliza has helped Safaricom M-pesa users boost their businesses,pay bills and make purchases through easily accessible loans-at a good Rate.
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