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How Maxine Wabosha's Canines Complements her Beauty to the CORE | Observation

There is no an Exquisite beauty without some Strangeness in the proportion...
Vlogger|Content Creator: Wabosha Maxine | Photo Courtesy
Content creator,Maxine's canine teeth have an Exquisite effect to her accomplishment that only few who took their time to Stare are able to notice.
For those who don't know wabosha Maxine,She is an online content creator,a Machanical engineering  student at The University of Nairobi,Vlogger and a Make up artist.Moving on,She is one of the top influential Young Africa Beauty whose talents is an inspiration to more than a million youths in her niche.Her career has seen her working with top Brands,Famous Artists and even gigs.
To my Observation;Every time the young Vlogger poss in front of a lense for a Video or Just a photoshoot,her needle-sharp canines always protrudes-adding a sum of honeyed splindit look.
Her accomplished make up skills is just but a complement to her Natural beauty . Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder. ..but you may agree with me when i say "her canines contributes more to just tearing and ripping...."My observations
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