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"haven't had SEX in like Two Months" Socialite HUDDAH MONROE Avows | PHOTOS

Curvaceous Kenyan socialite,
Huddah Monroe yet again sets tongu2e wagging after she announced she hasn't enjoyed her Conjugate rights in like 2 months....and still counting.
Reasons being..? She is practising self control."Haven't had my conjugate rights in two months now" she posted. "Practising self control in this sinful world" she added.
However,  She wasn't shy to highlight her cravings for the act "18yrs-old looking like snacks,i want to eat em all" she giggled. "So if you see me rant as y'all call it instead of speaking 'ones mind'...understand it is a cry for help"
How long will the cravings last?..Not engaging in sexual activities for a period of times has been one of her habits for a while now..her last record was six month,yes! Six month, despite the fact that most people have been led to believe the socialite, Huddah is some kind of a sex machine.
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