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Sheikh's Wife:Dubai ruler involved in Kenya's Gold Saga in "hiding in UK "in fear of Her life.

Sheikh's Wife:Dubai ruler involved in Kenya's Gold Saga  in "hiding in UK "in fear of Her life.
Sheikh Mohammed,UAE Billionaire, father of 23 Children by different Wives and a husband locates his lost sixth wife in London.Princess Haya allegedly fled home after she discovered some disturbing details about Sheikh's Daughter return.
The 45-years Old Princess,following a furious Instagram post pinned by the Husband allegedly accused unknown person of 'Trachery and Betrayal'.The wife fled home and was discovered to be hiding in London in a 9.5Billion town house in Kensington. Where She is said to be preparing for a legal battle at the high court.

What prompted her to flee her luxurious home? The Jordanian born princess fled from her luxurious life in Dubai after She discovered-according to close sources, Disturbing facts behind the return of one of Sheikh's Daughter who fled home in UAE via the Sea through the help of a Frenchman before she was intercepted by the Army and was returned to Dubai.

Now She fears that,just like Latifa-Sheikh's daughter she will be forcefully abducted and 'randerd' back home to Dubai.A move that might pose a diplomatic headache between Britain and UAE.Currently,100s of Jordanians are employed in Dubai due to the tie between the two Royal families.
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