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Tempting! Aunti-boss actress 'Siprosa' shows off her incredible curves in skimpy dresses and we cant keep calm | Auntiboss NTV | Eldoretplus

Auntiboss "Siprosa" Photos
She bares it all: Auntiboss actress,Siprosa bares all as she shows off her curves in skimpy dresses, flaunting her thighs.
If you happen to be an Auntiboss fan, then the name Siprosa isn't new to your ears. Auntiboss is a Kenyan comedy-drama television program aired every Tuesday and saturday{repeat} on popular Tv station NTV.

Sandra Dacha alias Siprosa is an award-winning thespian, an Emcee and a producer.The actress found her way into the limelight after joining Auntiboss-A television series that delves into the lives of domestic house helps in a fictional Taifa Estate and their everyday drama as it revolves around the families they work for.
Siprosa Auntiboss beautiful Photos
Yaye Siprosa!!
Unlike the rest of the characters {house helps}, Siprosa plays the role of a chubby maid who loves to eat and only thinks about food. In addition, the enthusiast actress uses a comical Luo-accelerated English/Swahili that always leaves viewers in stitches. Leave alone her scripted life in Auntiboss, Sandra is a photogenic paunchy lady who to her perspective, has managed to embrace her chubby body.

Following her posts, you will notice the uniqueness in her infatuation for fashion has managed to attract a number of thirsty men who can't resist but to slide to her Dm-Not forgetting to mention the comments section. Just before we conclude it, the female actress loves showing off her thighs which to some of us it's a weakness, and she knows it. Her curves,despite her chubby looks,fit simultaneously with her dress codes giving mafisi sleepless thoughts.

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