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Starehe Member of Parliament Cherles Njuguna Arrested : terms it a misinterpretation | Politician Jaguar | Eldoretplus

..I mean
peace for the country and businesses should go on
uninterupted and all foreigners are welcome to our country...Starehe MP Jaguar
On june 12,2019, CS Matiangi ordered for deportation of all  foreigners operating their business as traders in Kenyan Market.Today,the same remarks landed Starehe Member of Parliament and a former musician, Charles Njuguna -alias Jaguar into trouble.Leading to his arrest by police officers at around 12:30PM.
photo: (Courtesy) Starehe MP Jaguar
 If you assess our markets, Ugandans and Tanzanians have taken over our businesses… Now we are saying enough is enough. If a 24-hour ultimatum is not enough for them to be deported, we will remove them and we’ll beat them up and we will not fear anyone,” Jaguar

The remarks were made along Kirinyaga Road where he was Vising traders,allegedly 'inciting them' to deny foreign traders from accessing Nairobi Market.
He was later on arrested for 'incitement' just outside the Parliament by plane clothed Police officers before he was loaded into a waiting Car.
Photo: Courtesy
"My sentiments echoed yesterday with a directive to C.S Matiang’i was meant for the Chinese who have invaded our markets making businesses almost unbearable bearing for our citizens. I am not against any regional unions that are meant to promote both local and regional trade..
The Business man tried to walk back from his remarks,defending himself that he was misinterpreted' and he purely means peace for the country and the foreign traders.

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