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EXPOSED! Gospel Artist, Masterpiece 'unbleached' Knees shocks fans,leaves Comedian Mulamwa in stitches

The gospel industry is all but a 'fake' -from controversies to daily unfolding scandals.This are all but a disaster waiting to happen.

Today, another gospel artist,Masterpiece faces the wrath of netizens, backed by a fellow celebrity,Comedian to be precise-Mulamwa,who quickly helped them unfold the mystery behind the singers 'black knees'.
The artist shared the photos on his Instagram page,before he deliberately Deleted.
The sensational Gospel musician wasn't to find the perfect spot to hide his face after a section of his followers started showing much intrest on the dark protruding knees,followed by hilarious comments.

According to the post,the celebrity was was seen enjoying the magnificent cool breezes of the Coastal Beach at Mombasa ,wearing a knee-length short that really exposed the knees.
Magoti iko na original colour-Online comedian,Mulamwa
The dark parts were allegedly,per the comments, as a result of a poorly done bleaching' effects.He couldn't swallow the insults any more and instead he went a head and deleted the post- but we had the screenshots.
Just to conclude,whether he bleached or not,facts remains - kenya Gospel music industry is a disaster.
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