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watch Video; Hakna kitu hapo!!Shix Kapienga wows fan with her "twerking" skills

Radio presenter, Shix Kapinga slammed by fans for "shaking nothing" as she twerked on a viral video..Nice try tho!.
  • She decided to show us what she can really do like the most of instagram celebrities, but twerking maybe isn't her thing
  • On the Video she was in the company of famous Awinja and mama Naliaka..
  • Fans are always ready to slap you with facts,but the most funny one was this..."why are you trying to shake what is not there!?"

The actress is well known for her street ghetto voice in her acting role with a lavish tomboy Lifestyle.Today she decided to show us what she can really do like the most instagram celebrities, but maybe twerking isn't her thing.The Hot 96 Radio presenter went on social media to post a video of her-with her new inseparable girl pals,Awija and wilbroda-jamming to a tune.The three,mostly seen together like in every posts,are closely bonding at unmeasurable speed ,leaving fans us like enviours-FriendshipGosls.The three celebrities  recently secured a trip to Greece where they spent a lavish easter holiday giving us more reasons to envy them.

The Video she posted while in company of her two new friends not only did it excite kenyans but also attract the 'mafisi's attention.Going through the comment section you will notice that the video had attracted a number of online admirers,including those who never believed she could actually twerk like that.Her dance moves,accompanied by Shaku shaku were exemplary,untill she started twerking.Now here is what created the mixed reaction.

Fans slammed her for shaking nothing,,,atlist for me i saw something-a great shaku move.see Sampled comments;
Erik; You're the odd one out..Chris; Watu warudi were well behaved their..mccau;why are you trying to shake what is not there!?.Marto;kweli wee ni msapere😂😂

Well,,let them  have fun...
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