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7-years-old boy Kidnapped by "Houses-help" rescued in Kawangware by Detectives-two females arrested

  • Kenyans applause DIC detective after a successful rescue mission of a 7yrs old boy.
  • Among arrested are two female Leah Muhanya-47 years old and her 23-years old,Charlotte Msimbi who happens to be the househelp and her daughter.
  • The Victim was found locked in a rental room at Kawangware area

Kenyans showers DCI Detectives with congratulatory messages as 7yrs old boy,kidnapped from his home in Loresho home onTuesday 21st of May,2019 reunites with Family after a successful rescue operation. Among the arrested individuals includes a woman-who happens to be the househelp,along side her daughter.The two are currently held at a police custody.

The booking report made at the local police station,indicated that an unknown female to the house help had pretended to have been sent by the boys mother(currently abroad) requesting her to take the boy  alongside another child for dinner,and that the father would later pick him up.

The boy was later reported to have been abducted by his house-help,who colluded with her daughter.Leah Muhanya-47 years old and her 23-years old,Charlotte Msimbi are the key suspects and are currently in the company of police custody.The minor was found locked up in a rental house in Kawangware-Congo Estate belonging to Charlotte-the house-help daughter.

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