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Here is where to get quality photoshoot,tattoo and gaming experience in Eldoret?The Sanchez Lite House

  • Meet professional photographers you've been searching for,,get quality Edited photos from as low as Ksh50-Normal photo
  • Thinking about a tattoo?.why not try the Sanchez Ink Tattoo.High hygiene observation that will prevent your would from infection
  • Change your gaming experience.Visit Sanchez Gaming house.
In the heart of Eldoret behind Comfy inn hotel,Eden Center, room no. F7,sits a hidden Sanchez lite,a photography, tattoo and Gaming house like no other.The Unique modern furnished Studio is fitted with modern equipment and modification ..not forgetting to mention its arrangement.
Sanchez lite lias Picasso Caption is currently booming with unavoidable offers in a variety of services suitable for any likes and ages.Hosting more than three businesses, Sanchez House is well arranged with different rooms for every activity of your likes.The services offered at the house. includes; 

  • Photography services
  • Tattoo services
  • And a Gaming room

Photography is what makes Sanchez the most famous photographers on the map.They offers quality professional photography that not only cares for your pocket but also,will leave you referring the place to your friends.Walk away with well edited and quality pictures from as low as Ksh50 for normal picture and a discounted prize for corporate, wedding, outdoors and automobile photography.

Did you know you can get the tattoo driving you crazy from as low as Ksh800 ? Yes,Visit Sanchez lite and enjoy this offer.You can get all type of writing tattoos from as low as Ksh 800 and Ksh 1500- 10,000 for a well shaded drawing tattoo-niddles used are brand new and once they have been used by client they are disposed off.The thing that makes their cliets all flooding back is their hygiene observation.They make sure to use a brand new needle in a very serene environment while you enjoy your privacy.Just to add on it,They always ensure a close follow up on all their cliet to ensure all wounds are well healed with no infections.

Now this is my favorite part-The gaming room.The furnished and clean ventilated gaming room is fitted with HD screens of upto 41'inches and modern gaming facilities like PS4 with wireless pads.You will also enjoy latest games like Uncharted 4,FIFA 19, Rugby,GTA and many more from as low as Ksh 50 bob.

Visit us today at Eden center building behind comfy inn hotel first floor room number F7 for a lifetime experience  For booking and queries call;

Sanchez Lite  on +254 700 822923 
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