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Exclusive;Papa lolo!! Mose Fan Fan suspected cause of Death-Nairobi

Congolese Musicia Fan Fan ,75,Dies of a suspected heart attack at his apartment in Nairobi.

  • Forever a legend ,Fan Fan collapses in his apartment here in Nairobi before he was rushed to the Hospital.
  • The musician is famous for his tune 'papa lolo, 
  • Friends, Collegue and Family still in shock,hailes the musician for his great contributions to the music industry
  • "Nairobi,kenya was like his second home" added the producer

According to media reports, the 75 years old musician and a great complser was spending time here in kenya where he was working on a new misic project, before he was reported dead at his apartment in Nairobi along Thika super highway.

The Congolese Rhumba musician had a strong following both in Kenya and DRC Congo-not forgetting to mention the rest of the world at large.His sudden death came as a shocker to many,including close friends and fans,with the cause of death suspected to be a heart attack.Music producer Tabu Oswa,confirming the death of one of his close artists revealed that Mose Fan Fan was on a music tour,working on different projects in the country-which he considered as his second home- before it was reported he had collapsed in his apartment and was rushed to the hospital.

He never made it to the hospital and was reported Dead.Many has come out to acknowledge the musician as a legend and a great singer whose impact can't be forgeten..REST IN PEACE Moses Fan Fan

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