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Lukuluku! The new music group "Threatening" Ethics,Ochunglo family's careers you should watch out for.

  • This group of artist is expected and promises to bury the ethics,psyco and Ochungulo family after releasing this video.
  • DOWNLOAD:OCHUNGLO FAMILY - Mbigijii imekulwa na ndogii | OFFICIAL YOUTUBE VIDEO| Audio Download
  • The "Wala wala" video performed by Lukuluku ft pepeta and 2diss  has manged to surface the Media,giving similar genre artists sleepless night
  • When asked to rate Ethics and Ochunglo family musics,,,here is what they had to say.

Adding to an already existing trending vigour music groups with X rated Video,This music group is not afraid but promises to bury the ethics,Ochunglo Family and the likes,when it comes to the new 'ghetto' trend music.This is happening only few days after KFCB boss Ezekiel made a ban on "takataka" and "pigwa shoka" as the trend of music expected to take over the airwaves with "Lukuluku" on the video to watch and don't forget to subscribe

"Ethic group are making Massive moves and i like their songs,but, i wish they can at least change their singing style as there current style is only attracting a certain minority audience, same applies to Ochunglo family" says Razor. "Apart from that we are also looking forward to working with them as we are currently feeding on the same grass" added Daddo

The Lukuluku group has shown a promising thrust into the new breed of music and just like the other groups,their music video contains Vulgar lyrics,twerking and grinding as they insist on the new generational ghetto real life situation approach,,in this case -"wala wala" meaning washa washa.This music group was originally formed by the lookboyz(Razor and Daddo) in 2016 before its name was changed to Lukuluku.This talented group is not only looking forward to bringing their music to the lame lights but also to manage and introduce other hardworking artists from the ghetto,to the industry.

With a target of rising above ethic,Psycho,Ochunglo family among many others,,this group has managed to release and to introduce yet another new anthem- walawala.This new jam managed to take over as it slowly crawls through the media and its giving its competitors sleepless nights.Walawala-a Nubian word definitely means "washa washa"Like in all aforetional videos,the video features signature dance moves with twerking and grinding.Following in the footsteps of Ethic with over seven released songs so far,this group has managed to get a great reception with everyone jamming to their hits,Not only in the local scene,but they are also expecting to attract international scenes attention.
The lukuluku group is dedicated to dropping new songs while sending a hard hitting challenge to their fellow Artists

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