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Kamukunji:Eldoret police to launch a hunt on a woman who hacked Drunk husband to death before fleeing

  • Detectives in Eldoret,Kamukunji area to launch a hunt on a woman who allegedly killed  her husband at night before fleeing.
  • The disagreement came about when the husband allegedly came back  home late at night while drunk,igniting an argument that ended up in a physical fight despite attempts by the neighbors to calm the story
  • The body was later transferred to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital here in Eldoret {MTRH]

Detectives in Eldoret to launch a hunt on a woman who on Saturday night hacked husband to death before fleeing.The body was discovered by the landlord behind the door on Sunday morning who had gone to collect rent.

It has been reported that the Man arrived home late past his normal time before meeting wife-who by now was filled with furry and just to make matters worse,he came home drunk,not knowing what his wife had in stored for him.The two broke into a argument that,by now had attracted the entire neighborhoods attention due to shouting and loud exchange of words.The concerned neighbors settled the dispute before resuming to their households before waking up to a shocking news the following morning.

The middle-aged woman just wanted to know where her husband was spending the night until late hours and whatever might had led to her ruthless action,still remains a mystery.A report to one of the media house indicated that,as soon as the neighbors left the house,the couples picked up from where they left at,concluding the argument in a blood shade.

The body was transferred to The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital MTRH here in Eldoret with Detectives already investigating the matter.The woman fled her house as soon as he committed the incidious act.Residents in Kamukunji area are now filled with sorrow and disbelief while at the same time demanding for justice and arrest of the Woman.

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