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Iyo ni Mazda bro! Weaked Edition host Dr king'ori "busted"

The weaked edition host; Dr King'ori
  • Not in Kenyan..,Dr Kingori busted.
  • Kenyans have just proven yet again that you don't need to hire private detectives to uncover some things.
  • One of the Victims busted today is Dr King'ori- a Standup comedia on popular Tv show The weaked edition.

Being one of the most respected and acknowledged standup Comedians, Dr King'ori has managed to entertain his dilating audience in the weekly show,The Weaked Edition -hosted on popular Tv station,NTV.The comedia plays as a Cynical News Anchor on the solo show and has managed to blossom,despite the stiff competition.
The spotted Mazda ;photo courtesy; Instagram @Dr Kong'ori
The comedian uses the title "Dr"-not to your expatation- and it is because he believe 'laughter is the best medicine'.Speaking about laughter,The Dr' has been trending for the better part of the day after he posted a 'Mazda' but instead referred to it as a 'range rover' before Kenyans caught up with him.This is after they noticed the 'Mazda' icon on the car-they all busted in mockery

  • Dr' ,that label ni ya Mazda not range rover
Not being a cynical person,This happened whe he decide to acknowledge and appreciate his personal car mechanic,but instead, ended up causing a stir online when he referred a "Mazda* Cx 7 as a "Range Rover.which we all clearly saw it was a Mazda and not a Range Rover.

  • These two are one and the same thing-replied Kingori in a hilarious response
The comment section was flooded with sidesplitting comments that sent the Dr MIA.The last people to fool,are the Netizens.This people-especially kenyas,usually have a funny way of uncovering hidden truths.

  • Felix-Mogua- I never knew Mazda was bought by Landrover company.Because that is mazda.
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