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Video; Itel-Xtigi trade war in Eldoret:Chinese phone company representatives caught on camera fighting over branding space

  • Another Video emerges of Chinese mobile company representatives in Eldoret exchanging blows over branding space
  • Itel brands representatives in Eldoret to take down all Xtigi's branding following a directive by Chinese bosses 
  • Forcing representatives to arrive to a  point where they start to fold raise their fists against  their own brothers all in the name of branding space.
  • Full Video below the page
The heinous act by the brand representatives left many gazing in shock at broad daylight bringing business along the streets to a stand still.Emerging details suggests that,Itel bosses-Chinese-are not impressed by Xtigi mobile company aggressive invasion into their branding space across the town,forcing them to push its brands representatives in Eldoret to take down all Xtigi's branding by all means.The directive order didn't go as planned as Xtigi brands representatives rolled up their sleeves ready for a blood fight-they declared not to go down without a fight,leading to a fierce exchange of blows followed by aggressive word exchange between the two brands.

The atrocious act caused a wrangle that couldn't be contained as hard blows and kicks continuously exchanged leaving some with injuries.Details from the video and eye witnesses indicated that itels representatives had a deep clash with Xtigi brand rivals over branding space they couldn't afford to agree on.The disageement painted a bad image for the two companies as passersby going on with their daily root in stood by to stair at the free fight scene with their hands covering their mouths in disbelief.
Seeing Kenyans,Eldoret to be specific,workers fighting each others on a broad daylight just to please their employers talkes me back to colonization periods.We dont have to arrive to a  point where we start folding and raising our fists against our brothers,just because we received a directive order to do so-we are way better than that.

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