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#Heels4pads! Radio presenter Anita Nderu gesture touches many hearts

Periods are a blessing, they should not be a reason to suffer.period! -Anita

Radio presenter and Tv Host,Anita Nderu wows Kenyans after she publicly declared to give away 50 pairs-inclusive of used and Brand news,in exchange of Sanitary Towels.A move initiated to help keep girls at  School.The initiative has since invited many other Celebrities,who joined the movements. Having scooped BBC 100 woman of the year 2017,Anita has proven that humanity doesn't discriminate social classes.

How to get the pairs;

To get the pairs of shoes-which we all asume are dead expensive, you will need to provide a minimum of 32 Sanitary towels.However, you can bring as many pads as walletly possible that will reflect the shoes you pick worth.

Aside from atleast 11 shoes,which she admits are already worn once or twice or at most- tried them on but didn't fit or didn't look good on,the rest are brand new.Just to add on the list,she will be giving away Brand new adidas,Flat shoes and Heels bought online-probably didn't fit her.

I'm not the only human giving away shoes,Sistapeaks254-founder of this initiative, have a whole bunch of amazing shoes donated by amazing people in every possible sizes for you to pick from

Where to get the shoes:

Anita Nderu and the team will be at K1 Klub house as from 12pm to 2pm.Anita Urges kenyans to show up in humongous number to support this drive aimed at "Keeping girls in school"

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