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Graphic Images;Eldoret Club bouncer on "Lame lights" for sending a client to "Coma" in a late night commotion at club Black Bamboo

Even after filling a report at the local police station, Family and friends of Kibe Andrian are crying out for Justice and arrest of the rogue club bouncer.

  • Apparently The club bouncer mishandled Kibe,forcefully throwing him through the stairs hitting his head in the process
  • Kibe is currently Nursing Injuries while in Coma at MTRH
  • Family and Friends has come out in number seeking for justice for Kibe
  • The Bouncer in question is from a popular club in Eldoret- club Black Bamboo Eldoret

Eldoret popular Club,Black Bamboo on lame lights after a club bouncer allegedly mishandled a client,whose intention were purely to have fun,forcefully sending him through the stairs, hitting his head in the process.The victim,Kibe Adrian ,was brutally thrown out of the club sending him straight to Coma.So what did he do to piss off the bouncers that gave them the rights to  a narrow death?.No answer can justify search a notorious act.

The Victim,Kibe is currently hospitalized at the MTRH where he is fighting for his life The Family-speaking through eldoretplus- confirmed that they have already reported the matter to thr local police station and are waiting for an action to be taken.

Hello Eldoretplus, i am a close friend of Kibe and was at the incident friend Kibe is hospitalized at MTRH because of an altercation at Club Black Bamboo here in Eldoret...kindly help us find justice for Kibe as he is nursing head injuries with internal head bleeding.

Apparently,it's reported that Kibe Adrian and his Friends went to that Club on Saturday where at around 3am there was an altercation between the club bouncer and Kibe.The wrangle,according to reports,was caused by Lady-to whom was Kibes Catch.In the Event,the bouncers forcefully grabbed him and threw him down the stairs hitting his head on staircase in the process.This dramatic scene brought the party to a stand still as Kibe being  was rushed to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.

It was later reported that Kibe had suffered a head injury causing an Internal bleeding that was followed by a Coma.
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