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Eldoret's Sexiest Rapper,Sasha DMB finally "Reveals" why she can't date Gospel Musician,Gwen | Eldoretplus

Female Rapper Sasha DMB finally reveals why she can't accept Gwen's hand in Marriage.

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Eldoret's sensational female Rapper,Sasha DMB has now responded to Gospel Artist,Gwen's controversial "Love proposal" that surfaced the internet.The long awaited response comes in just few weeks after the Musician publicly took it to social media to confess his true love intentions towards the Rapper.Just like DJ Mo and Size 8,Gwen made a promise to lead the the Rapper into salvation,may she accept his love proposal.In addition, the singer vowed to love,adore and if possible,Marry the Rapper.

The letter found its way to the lame lights attracting a mixed reactions.It took the sensational rapper awhile to break her silence following the declaration.Everyone was eager to know her replay and today she divided to break the silence-She replied.

Here is what she had to say during an Exclusive interview with an eldoret based blog that provides the latest in Gossips and trending topics-eldoretplus.

"He is a good guy and i admire his guts,not everyone can make that move,but.." She paused."...but,I'm not interested"

Like that wasn't enough for the poor guy to is what she had to say.
"I'm already in a relationship,"She added.We all relate to this kind of pain,so 'mafisi' mkae kando-she's taken.
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It didn't end there as she went ahead to acknowledge Gwen's bold move and his intentions for her to join the ministry, but she affirmed that she will join the ministry when the right time comes for her.

Gospel musician @iam_vyney_gwen has boldly addressed his feeling towards Secular rapper @sasha_d.m.b in another love triangle with a promise of leading the sassy rapper to salvation.This happening just few years after another secular artist #TheCoffeeDoctor @ricc_berry surfaced the internet in a bold confession of his genuine love to Gospel musician the question she ready for salvation!? the message reads;as received "There is something i wana bring to your attention guys. there is this woman i really love so much, i really dont want to see her perish i want to minister with her like Dj Mo and Size 8. I want to make her my woman, my better half, flesh and blood, She is one of the best female artist SASHA DMB i really adore and love her so much. i want to marry her and bring her to christ i know she can do well, in christ and when singing gospel songs;SASHA DMB wherever you are just know i love you and want you to join me in my other good side of gospel ministeringšŸ„°šŸ„°...❤" @iam_vyney_gwen
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