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Eldoret female models speaks out on "seazey" events organizers destroying the Fashion industry | eldoretplus

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Slave to fashion; fashion events organizers embroiled in exploitation and misuse of Models.
Eldoret Fashion Week and Awards
  • Multiple angry models have come out to accuse two fashion events organizers, Mr and Miss Environment and Eldoret Fashion Weak and Awards of fake promises
  • Three female models have come out to confirm the allegations with others providing screenshots evidence of leaked conversation
  • Eldoret Fashion Week Awards wasn't left out of the scandals either,this is after they failed to award the winners with promised trophies,
Mr and Miss University Panvila
Multiple angry models have come out to accuse two fashion events organizers, Mr and Miss Environment and Eldoret Fashion Weak and Awards of fake promises,late payments,exploitation and inappropriate relationship favours.The two events,organized on the same Weekend by different organizers foresaw mixed reaction raising uproar and questions about events organizers legitimacy.

Speaking to eldoretplus blog,three female models have come out to confirm the allegations with others providing screenshots evidence of leaked conversation.The three are among others,who decided to raise the issue after the people incharge of the events failed to meet their end deal.Including, partnership of one of the biggest online Voting platform (Art galore) that has come out to address the same matter.

To the organizers of Eldoret Fashion Week, (which was indeed one good event), I'm sorry to bring this here but I really have reached my limit and @⁨Jeff Moi⁩ has proven to not want to communicate with us no more. Jeff contracted us (Art Galore) to do the voting of which we gave our best service and delivered on our end but now @⁨Jeff Moi⁩ won't play his end part of the deal. This is uncool and unprofessional. It's been 2 weeks already. -Art galore
few days just before the main event,a certain model-whose name we won't mention- wrote to eldoretplus on instagram complaining about Mr and Miss Environment organizer who tried to lure her out for a date ,in exchange for undying privileges during the event.Sadly,it happened that she was a feminist-though she had to play along.The model,as advised by eldoretplus proceeded to trap the organizer,exposing his agendas.

With that a side, Mr and Miss Environment organizers had promised to award the winner with a lucrative ksh10,000 with the 1st runners up getting ksh5000.The 2nd runners up was never left out and was to be paid  a sizzling Ksh3000-'walionea viusasa'.It has been more than two weeks now and they haven't received the promised amount. When asked,Here is what the event organizer,Mathew Ochanda, had to say; *as forwarded.

Appreciation and Payment are Two Different things.Payments is the work/job done and Appreciation is for a willing and Voluntary Participation in something.No One was Either forced or coarsed into wing part of this initiative. Whatever was promised will be realized and without subjected to any pressure, because that will not change the situation soon but being patient and of a right attitude will.If by any chance you and unfortunately have run out of patience, you are free to take a walk and not influence others negatively. The course for which we are called is bigger that the monies that was promised.It will come and get finished.But the things that are mandated to do at the County and National Level (Conservation) with the support of the county govt and other relevant organizations we shall continue to do.

Eldoret Fashion Week Awards wasn't left out of the scandals either,this is after they failed to award the winners with promised trophies, not forgetting to mention meeting the end deal as promised to Art galore- the platform they used for voting process.When approached-Jeff Moi ,defended himself by personally highlighting that the trophies will be out soon.It has been two weeks later sincehe events and models aren't satisfied with the way events organizers are feeding them with lies and fake promises.

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