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Fena Gitu HALF NAKED bikini Wear that has left thirsty men dripping

Funs were unable to believe what Gena Gitu has been hidding underneath her cloths.

  • The Bikini wear photos left thirsty men drooling on her for moments.
  • Will this be her turn back from her "tomboy old look?
  • fena gitu is now the Brand ambassador for the Marini Naturals Diani Africa.
It wasn't a 'fools day prank'...

The fenamenal woman,Musician,song writter and now a Brand ambassador for the Marini Naturals,yesterday wowed her fans after posting on April fools day on her Bikini Beach wear.This was a rear thing of her  and it left her funs in mixed reactions with men flocking her comment section praising her new look.Fena Gitu,who occasionally was seen in mostly 'Tomboy with bad**s look,but deep down underneath her cloths lies an irresistible beauty.
Holly f..what in sexiest is all this drip about,your not fair,Its Monday and some of us are trying to stay focused.. Edith Kimani-Her alleged Girlfriend 

The photos were followed by traffic Jam on her comment sections as men threw words of appraisals and acceptance of her new sassy look.So is she transforming? The rapper was occasionally rumoured to be lesbians read here,this was after she released numerous video linking her to the allegations,but this might change that.The singer might find her new look more attractive and appealing forcing her to accept herself from the old tomboy look to the new sassy lool.
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